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Sardinia, on motorcycle

Sardinia, on motorcycle

The Shepherds on Bikes face a challenge: to make Sardinia Island an international reference for motorcycle touring. In order to succeed, the island's extreme vocation to motorcycle touring is not enough. The Shepherds on Bikes therefore made available unique and state-of-the-art resources, so that Sardinia can be the most sought destination of any motorcycle tourer all over the world.

An extensive thematic database

More than forty five detailed itineraries, covering almost the entire surface of the island

Adventurous itineraries

By riding across an endless number of paths to be discovered, we will take our bikes into nuragic ruins, wild beaches, mountain passes, and remote sheepfolds. Braving the bitter cold on stony mule tracks, or addressing the burning of treacherous dunes and endless canyons, you'll appreciate the lingering warmth of our local wines and of our finest cheeses.

Adventurous itineraries

Focus on Culture and Traditions

Join us to discover new and hidden cultural, archaeological, and natural attractions

Selected resources for motorcyclists

Selected resources for motorcyclists

Along each route, we selected restaurants, accommodation facilities and services for motor bikers. In the facilities we advise you, you will always find our official map, a safe shelter for your bike, prompt support if you are looking for an alternative route or you need a workshop.

  • “Un pastore, un ingegnere elettronico e un fitness trainer hanno accettato la sfida di fare della splendida isola un punto di riferimento internazionale per gli appassionati di moto”
  • “Ovili e birrifici a “Pastori in moto”, colazione mungi-da-te”
  • “Pastori in Moto promuove così il mototurismo in Sardegna a 360 gradi”

  • TGR Rai 3
  • “Cultura e due ruote, il connubio perfetto per la ‘rigenerazione’: ecco la ricetta dei Pastori in Moto”

  • Pastori in Moto tra Bellezze Naturali

    La Nuova Sardegna
  • Sardegna su due ruote (e su misura)

    Il Sole 24 Ore

Everything at your fingertips

The Shepherds on Bikes have developed a powerful app with which to communicate in motion without distance limits or number of participants. The app shows your travel companions on the map, and helps you find the most remote nuraghe of the Island.

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Everything at your fingertips

Advanced search

Whatever your destination, an itinerary of the Shepherds on Bikes will pass by: find the itinerary through our advanced search and the interactive map!

313 Municipalities

77 Archaeological sites

13 Beaches

Shared experiences

We created the first forum entirely dedicated to Motorbike Touring in Sardinia.

Interactive Maps

Using our interactive maps it is easy to find out which archaeological sites are located near the chosen itinerary. The geolocalized maps then allow you to know which archaeological site you have encountered along your route. For each accommodation facility, restaurant or based on your current location, then, you can find all the routes that pass next, given a fixed maximum distance.

Interactive Maps
The most advanced calendar

The most advanced calendar

A powerful dynamic calendar reports in detail all the motorcycle events located in Sardinia for which there is a Facebook event. The organizers do not need to send any material!

Book with no surprises

The structures selected by us have at their disposal Bocc-ONE, a small IoT device useful to report the status of the seats or of beds available through the simple pressure of a button. For us motorcyclists will be easy to book without surprises!

Book with no surprises

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