The Crossing of Gennargentu Mountain #2: Desulo – Seui

A fascinating, wild and long crossing of the Gennargentu mountain, along steep mountain tracks! If you want to enjoy the tour with us, take a look at our event calendar or contact us by e-mail or via WhatsApp at +393450699255

You can visit

  • The nuragic village of Orruinas, at the foot of Gennargentu, and at a height of about 1200 meters, in the territory of Arzana
  • The nuragic complex of Ardasai, in Seui

You can taste

  • The Culurgiones of Seui, made with potatoes, cheese, garlic, and lard.
  • The Civrageddus prenus of Seui, made with potatoes, fried zucchini with olive oil, onions, and cheese
  • The maccarronis Sciarrancaus of Seui, made with flour and water
  • Su Civrageddu ‘e cibudda (bread with onions) of Seui, traditionally prepared by combining dough with raw onions and cracklings (gerda)
  • Su Cixiri ‘a pisili of Seui, prepared with chickpeas, bacon, rind, feet or pig’s head, and potatoes
  • Sa Tratalia (offal) of Seui, made with offal (liver, lung, heart and spleen) cut into pieces, placed on a skewer and alternated with pieces of lard. The whole is then covered with the diaphragm of the animal (sa napa) and tied with the intestines
  • The Rope, stomach of a sheep or goat together with the intestines, prepared roasted or boiled
  • Su Casu axedu of Seui, typical sour cheese
  • Is Pardulas of Seui (formaggelle), prepared with day cheese, egg yolks and saffron
  • Su Pani ‘e Saba of Seui, prepared with flour, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sultanas (pabassa), sugar, spices, and sapa (Binu Cottu), coated with mompariglia sugar (traggera)



May 27, 2019 - Mon
Seui, Italia
light rain
15°C light rain
Wind 6 m/s, NW
Humidity 93%
Pressure 752.31 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun may 26
heavy intensity rain
14/13°C 2 m/s, NNE 95% 756.29 mmHg
mon may 27
light rain
18/12°C 3 m/s, NNW 69% 753.78 mmHg
tue may 28
light rain
17/10°C 6 m/s, WNW 70% 758.83 mmHg
wed may 29
scattered clouds
17/8°C 8 m/s, WNW 51% 761.42 mmHg
thu may 30
sky is clear
23/12°C 3 m/s, W 39% 765.18 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 1103 m. 51% of the route is uphill, the remaining 49% downhill.

L’attraversamento del Gennargentu 2: Desulo – Seui

Distanza (Km)
Altitudine (m)
Tempo (h)

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