From the Top of Limbara mountain to Badesi

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A long tour through the Marghine and Goceano subregions, to the top of Mount Limbara and the coasts of Gallura. If you want to enjoy the tour with us, take a look at our event calendar or contact us by e-mail or via WhatsApp at +393450699255

You can visit

  • The archaeological area of Birori, which features the Sa Perda ‘e s’AltareLassia and Palatu tomb of the giants, and the Sarbogadas dolmens
  • The typical portals of Bortigali
  • The majestic Orolo nuraghe, and the air-raid shelter in Bortigali
  • The great Santa Sabina nuraghe in Silanus
  • The Madrone nuraghe in Silanus
  • The Sos Nibberos forest in Bono, the largest Taxus Baccata forest in Italy, also declared as national monumento
  • The Forest of Fiorentini in Bultei, among the oldest state forests of Sardinia
  • The Sant’Antioco Basilica in Ozieri, one of the largest Romanesque churches of Sardinia
  • The Maiori and Izzana nuraghe and the close botanical garden, in Tempio Pausania
  • The railway museum and the museum of the cork in Tempio Pausania
  • The valley of the moon in Aggius
  • The museum of banditry in Aggius
  • The Casteldoria Castle, from which we can admire Castelsardo and the Gulf of Asinara
  • The baths of Casteldoria
  • The Corona Moltana necropolis, composed of five tombs of the giants, in Bonnannaro
  • The San Pietro di Sorres benedectine abbey, where there is a book restoration laboratory which is a reference point for the whole island
  • The large colony of bats inside the Sa Rocca Ulari cave, below the monastery of San Pietro di Sorres

You can taste

  • The Suppa Cuata, typical of Gallura
  • The Mazzafrissa and the Pulilgioni, typical ravioli of Gallura
  • Li frisgioli and the Acciuleddi ‘e meli, sweets typical of Tempio’s Carnival
  • Li casgiatini, formaggelle of Gallura
  • The veal tripe with beans typical of Gallura
  • The famous panadas from Oschiri
  • The vermentino wine and the paneddas of Oschiri
  • The renowned Sospiri and copulettas sweets of Ozieri
  • The chibudda ‘a s’otieresa, the succu maduru with saffron, and the puppias of Ozieri
  • The Redagliadu wine, typical of the hills of Ozieri



Jul 10, 2020 - Fri
Tempio Pausania, Italia
clear sky
22°C clear sky
Wind 1 m/s
Humidity 83%
Pressure 762.07 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri jul 10
sky is clear
30/17°C 4 m/s, NW 35% 762.07 mmHg
sat jul 11
sky is clear
30/17°C 4 m/s, WNW 27% 760.56 mmHg
sun jul 12
sky is clear
30/17°C 3 m/s, NNW 28% 761.31 mmHg
mon jul 13
sky is clear
27/16°C 5 m/s, NE 30% 761.31 mmHg
tue jul 14
sky is clear
28/16°C 4 m/s, NNW 32% 761.31 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 1248 m. 51% of the route is uphill, the remaining 49% downhill.

Dalla cima del Limbara a Badesi

Distanza (Km)
Altitudine (m)
Durata (h)

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