The Water Mills of Barbagia Subregion

Another tour along the paths of the waters, among almost alpine landscapes and charming villages, the discovery of the only wooden mill operating in Italy and one of the rare surviving fulling mills of Europe.

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You can visit

  • The Santa Chiara dam, which originated the largest basin in Europe and for years the largest in the world.
  • The famous Retablo of the Pestilence in Olzai
  • The only working wooden mill in Italy, in Olzai
  • The Ollolai asphodel baskets
  • The pallium of the donkeys of Ollolai
  • The locality Su Nodu de s’Aschisorgiu, from which to admire the sea both to the west and to the east of the island, in Ollolai
  • The meetings of s’Istrumpa, in Ollolai
  • The abandoned village Enel Taloro, from which you can admire almost alpine views
  • The murals of Ovodda
  • The carnival of Ovodda, for centuries a symbol of freedom, memory, anarchy, transgression
  • The Fulling Mill of Tiana, among the few left in Europe
  • The waterways museum in Tiana
  • The breathtaking views of Tiana, a village nestled in a lush valley
  • The Samugheo carpets
  • The regional museum of textile art in Samugheo
  • Is tapinus de mortus in Samugheo, very rare 18th century funeral textiles
  • The affaciadas, small tapestries exhibited for Corpus Domini, in Samugheo
  • The Su Tessingiu exhibition, the most important dedicated to textile art in Sardinia
  • The tree house in Allai
  • The menhirs of Allai

You can taste

  • Is puzzoneddos, is lorighittas, is fruttinas, is pistiddos, sweets of Ovodda
  • Su Pane ‘e fresa e sas ispòlas, of Ovodda
  • Sa panemanna, is pardulas, the fruttine, is papassinos of Tiana



Jan 23, 2020 - Thu
Olzai, Italia
14°C mist
Wind 2 m/s, NNE
Humidity 93%
Pressure 769.57 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
thu jan 23
sky is clear
17/7°C 1 m/s, SSE 61% 768.82 mmHg
fri jan 24
light rain
14/6°C 5 m/s, SSW 69% 765.82 mmHg
sat jan 25
few clouds
14/7°C 1 m/s, WSW 50% 766.57 mmHg
sun jan 26
light rain
14/6°C 1 m/s, WNW 57% 763.57 mmHg
mon jan 27
sky is clear
14/5°C 2 m/s, WNW 55% 767.32 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The route has a gradient of 973 m. 50% of the route is uphill, the remaining 50% downhill.

The Water Mills of Barbagia Subregion

Distanza - Distance (Km)
Altitudine - Altitude (m)
Durata - Duration (giorni - days)

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