The Roads of Geology

A long and well-organized tour for the motorcycle tourist who loves the geological wonders: Sardinia boasts a great number, and in the presented itinerary we will visit the most important, achieved by choosing the most scenic and suggestive roads.

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You can visit

  • The Domo Andesitico of Acquafredda, on top of which is the homonymous castle, in Siliqua
  • The columns and caves of the Mezzaluna in Carloforte
  • The Pan di Zucchero rock and the galleries of Porto Flavia
  • The Basalt Columns and the basaltic prisms in the form of organ pipes in Guspini
  • The Giara of Gesturi
  • The natural monument “Su Corongiu de Fanari”, the largest in the world, in Masullas
  • The petrified forest of Zuri-Soddì, dating back to 25 million years ago
  • The Texile di Aritzo natural monument
  • The narrow gorge of the Scala di San Giorgio in Osini
  • The Caves Su Marmuri in Ulassai, dug by the passage of water
  • The Red Rocks of Arbatax
  • The natural monument “Su Sterru” on the Altopiano del Golgo of Baunei, the deepest natural single-spout sinkhole in Europe
  • La Dolina of Su Suercone, the largest in Europe and the Village of Tiscali in Urzulei
  • The limestone caves of the Bue Marino in Cala Gonone
  • The pumice stone quarry in Ittireddu
  • The Cheremule Volcano, from which the “Cheremulite” stone was extracted
  • The island of Foraddada in Capo Caccia
  • The Caves of Neptune and the Escala del Cabirol in Alghero
  • The Elephant Rock in Castelsardo
  • The granit of Capo Testa

You can taste

  • The Fresh or roasted Casizolu cheese
  • The Carasau bread
  • Su pistoccu
  • The civraxiu bread
  • The cocoi bread
  • The moddizosu
  • Su tzichi of Bonorva
  • The esplanade of Ozieri
  • The malloreddus alla campidanese
  • The lorighittas of Morgongiori
  • The macarrones de busa
  • The macarrones de punzu or gallurese chiusoni
  • The Sardinian fregola
  • The panada of Assemini and Oschiri
  • The frattau bread
  • Su filindeu, from Nuoro
  • Su Succu of Busachi
  • Su proceddu, Sardinian piglet
  • The roast lamb and the wild boar
  • The cordula and the tratalia
  • The boiled sheep
  • La seada e le casadinas
  • Le Pàrdule, l’Aranzada e is Papassinus
  • I Guefus, le Copuletas, i Pistocus
  • Gli amaretti
  • L’abbamele
  • Su pane ‘e saba
  • Il torrone di Tonara
  • Il Gatò de mendula
  • I Mustazzous
  • I Pistoccheddus
  • I formaggi sardi
  • I vini sardi
  • The seada and the casadinas
  • The Pàrdule, the Aranzada and the Papassinus
  • The Guefus, the Copuletas, the Pistocus
  • The Macaroons
  • The abbamele
  • The Pani ‘e Saba
  • The nougat of Tonara
  • The Gato de mendula
  • The Mustazzous
  • The Pistoccheddus
  • The Sardinian cheeses
  • The Sardinian wines



Sep 22, 2019 - Sun
Masullas, Italia
few clouds
22°C few clouds
Wind 2 m/s, NW
Humidity 83%
Pressure 760.56 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
sun sep 22
overcast clouds
22/22°C 1 m/s, S 91% 760.92 mmHg
mon sep 23
light rain
25/21°C 5 m/s, WSW 69% 761.58 mmHg
tue sep 24
sky is clear
25/18°C 6 m/s, WNW 52% 762.52 mmHg
wed sep 25
few clouds
26/20°C 4 m/s, W 61% 760.35 mmHg
thu sep 26
scattered clouds
24/18°C 5 m/s, NW 55% 762.88 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 1207 m. 53% of the route is uphill, the remaining 47% downhill.

The Roads of Geology

Distanza - Distance (Km)
Altitudine - Altitude (m)
Durata - Duration (m)

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