Uatzo, the forest crossed by the railway

A trip to Tonara and its forest crossed by the railroad!

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You can visit

  • The waterfall inside the Aymerich Park in Laconi
  • The amazing menhirs and dolmens in Laconi, as Sa Perda Iddocca and Corte Noa
  • The Genna ‘e Corte nuraghe, one of the most majestic nuraghes of Sarcidano subregion
  • The Nolza nuraghe, featuring a staircase to the upper floor, in Meana Sardo
  • The four historic districts of Tonara
  • The Pisan source and the Lò nuraghe in Sorgono
  • The Medusa castle in Samugheo
  • The Unique Regional Museum of Textile Arts, in Samugheo

You can taste

  • The minestra cun lampazzu soup, flavoured with sorrel grass, typical of Sorgono
  • Is coccois de Casu, fresh pasta typical of Tonara
  • Su Tzichi, typical bread of Samugheo
  • The DOC wines of Mandrolisai subregion



Jun 2, 2020 - Tue
Tonara, Italia
scattered clouds
15°C scattered clouds
Wind 5 m/s, N
Humidity 72%
Pressure 759.06 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
tue jun 2
scattered clouds
15/13°C 1 m/s, NNE 72% 759.06 mmHg
wed jun 3
broken clouds
23/13°C 4 m/s, WSW 31% 758.31 mmHg
thu jun 4
light rain
25/13°C 7 m/s, SW 33% 753.06 mmHg
fri jun 5
light rain
18/10°C 9 m/s, WNW 47% 755.31 mmHg
sat jun 6
sky is clear
22/14°C 5 m/s, W 46% 759.81 mmHg

Elevation Profile

The path has a vertical drop of 981 m. 50% of the route is uphill, the remaining 50% downhill.

Uatzo, la foresta attraversata dalla ferrovia

Distanza (Km)
Altitudine (m)
Tempo (h)

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